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The Top Two Benefits of Coffee for Your Skin

I don’t know about you but for me, my morning cup of joe is the most important part of my day! It just seems to give me the kick in the pants I need to get my day going. Well not only does it give you a nice energy boost when you drink it, but coffee also boasts some amazing benefits for your skin! Some of the skin benefits of coffee the reduction in the of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, psoriasis, acne, and dry skin.

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How Does Pumpkin Benefit Your Skin?

Pumpkin has long been a fall favorite for food and lattes; however it boasts some pretty powerful benefits for your skin! Now that's it's pumpkin season maybe you should consider adding pumpkin (or products containing pumpkin) to your skin care routine and experience for yourself the benefits of pumpkin for your skin.

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Three Reasons Why Cocoa Butter is my FAVORITE!!!

Cocoa butter is the fat extracted from cocoa beans. These are the same beans that chocolate comes from! Because of this, cocoa butter has some of the same antioxidant properties as pure chocolate and retains a slight chocolaty smell AND it is my FAVORITE beauty ingredient and I use it literally from head to toe!

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3 Reasons Shea Butter is Awesome for your Skin

Although there are many more benefits of using shea butter these were my favorite. Shea butter has been used in beauty regimens for centuries. It is was even rumored to have been Cleopatra's beauty secret!

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Common Kitchen Items That Can (and Should) Be Used in Your Beauty Regimen

You may be surprised by how many items you have in your kitchen that can be used in your beauty routine. In fact, because food is held to higher standards than beauty products, using kitchen items may actually be better for you (especially if you have sensitive skin). If you are purchasing high (or even medium) quality food that is good for you, it's not just good for your insides, it's also good for your outsides! 

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