Hello, my name is Kesha.


Credit: New Yorker Photograph by Platon

I am a Veteran, Army Wife, Musician, Mentor, Mentee, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Entrepreneur... who just so happens to love fitness!  Phew that was a mouth full.  As you can tell I really don't define myself by one particular thing. So who am I ??? Well, I'm Kesha. Honestly, I created this little piece of internet real estate to put myself out there. I love helping people and feel that I have a lot to offer to the world. So if you're interested in learning more about health, wellness, and fitness tips join my wellness group. If you want my beauty tips, join my beauty club . If you want to hear some cool tunes please check out my music. If you just want to know my opinion on anything or see what I know how to do, please check out my blog. If you just want to know more about me keep reading...  So how may I help you?

On May 28, 2004 I reported to the United States Military Academy at West Point (which will affectionately be referred to as West Point) as a freshmen.  This wasn’t the typical college experience, it was like college but with a lot Military… more like military life with textbooks. But unbeknownst to me it was more like military life in the 1950s, though I didn’t realize that until after I graduated. Though it was a difficult four years I loved it. I was a Latin American Studies Major and also studied computer science.  My biggest take away from my time a West Point??? Well, it was that I could sing (more on this later). I learned a lot of other things too like how to speak Spanish & Portuguese,  how to wear a 200 year old uniform and still look cool ;), and many leadership lessons and strategies that allowed me the success I did experience during my wonderful time on active duty.

On My 28, 2008 I graduated West Point and received a commission as a Signal officer and reported to my first duty station which was Ft Bliss in El Paso, Tx after about seven months of training.  As a young LT in the Army I deployed to Iraq with a Signal company in an Armor Brigade.  This was one of the most difficult experiences in my life, and not for the reasons one would expect. During my deployment I developed an eating disorder, which became one of the main struggles that I dealt with during the five years I spent on active duty.  After my deployment I served in two more units where I went on to do great things in the Army ( pun intended, I did my job well but I wasn’t a hero or anything).  I did start to become very interested in health and fitness. Mostly as a way to cope with the body image issues mentioned earlier but also because I wanted to better myself. I felt that if i truly had an understanding of how to live a healthy life I would be able to not only overcome my own issues but I could help those around me get more out of life.

Credit: Jim Clark  JimClark.com

Credit: Jim Clark JimClark.com

This is me in training as a brand new Leutinent.

So after 5 years on active duty (that’s a 9 year total military journey experience) I decided to get out of the Army and had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with myself. I had a lot of things that I liked and a few jobs that I thought I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life but ultimately decided that I wanted to own my own business. At first, I thought that I would start a bakery and later decided to pursue my passion… MUSIC!!! So naturally I joined a folk band and went to grad school. And NOW I enjoy not only music but marketing… so I help musicians market themselves and I make my own music. Currently, I am in a band with my sisters called Sisters Of Unbreakable Love (SOUL) and we currently have a signle out and are working on an EP. Click here, to get our sweet updates! I also have my own line of handmade (by me) skin care, Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan.