My experience with the Ultimate Reset from Team Beachbody

Ok so today is the last day of my 21 day Ultimate Reset! What is it you ask?  It's is a 21 day gentle cleanse designed to get your body hydrated, restore your body’s pH level, and help you establish some simple healthy habits that will serve you for a long time after the Ultimate Reset Cleanse is complete.

Now what you see in the picture are the supplements that you take throughout the reset, the cook book, a card with the supplement schedule, an informational dvd, along with a bag to carry the supplements with you.  The DVD explains how to prepare the food, the different phases of the program, the different ingredients and types of foods you'll be eating, and includes a sample Tai Chi workout (Tai Cheng).  

Was there anything gross??? Well... yes and no. There was nothing really disgusting though the packets (which contained powder that you mix with water) were kind of hard to mix evenly so I ended up just drinking a paste made with the contents of the packets and a little water, then chasing it with a large glass of water. It worked for me. The pill were just normal sized capsules that were flavorless, so no issues there.  The shaker bottle was Himalayan Salt that was finely ground that you mix into your daily drinking water. I did not really taste it in there. 

The most important part of the program for me was the meal plan. The first week the meat is limited to chicken and fish (eggs too if you count that as meat). The next week  you cut out meat and eggs and yogurt. The final week your meals are completely vegan and you're grains are limited (really optional the meals don't have grains but you have the option of having grains as snacks).  Was I hungry ??? NO I was probably eating about 3-4 pounds of fruits and veggies. Was I tired from lack of protein??? NO there was enough plant based proteins, along with liquid aminos to keep me going.  

So how'd it go??? Well... I didn't follow the meal plan exactly. My stepdaughter's graduation party fell at the end of week two so I had 1/2 of my husband's slice of cake and ate beans, rice, and salad for my meal. I also had some ice cream (my Achilles) on two occasions, one of the times was my own homemade strawberry ice cream (you're not supposed to have any form of processed sugar, or milk throughout the program). Why did I allow these "indulgences" during the program? Well because my objective was to detox and shed bad eating habits NOT to starve myself so that I binge on these items the day after the program. SO all in all I'd say it was successful. I did not do any type of consistent exercise, but did go on the Saturday morning hikes (which killed me!) and walked. The program recommends you do light exercises such as yoga, walking, or Tai Chi. 

So what were my results??? Well the most important one for me was falling back in love with fruits and veggies :) I am no longer a carb-o-holic and can feel completely satisfied eating a bowl of fresh berries instead of 1 dozen brownies (i've done that before on many occasions). The next thing I experienced was increased energy. I no longer feel sluggish and have a bit more pep in my step. The last thing was an 11lb weight loss. I'm not sure how much was fat vs. muscle since I wasn't doing any resistance training; however, my jeans are looser so I'm cool with it. 

If you have any questions or want to try the program feel free to contact me or check it out at The program is $229 + S&H and also includes a portal with info and online support. 

WellnessKesha Janaan