3 Non-Physical Ways Fitness Has Made Me a Better Person

Fitness has made me a better person & hopefully you can learn from me and make fitness a part of your life! Not just for the physical benefits but for the benefits I'm going to discuss that help you in everyday life!


Perseverance & Hard Work

The most important lesson that I have learned from fitness is how to persevere. Though overcoming physical obstacles, I have learned how to overcome mental and emotional obstacles as well. I have learned how to push beyond what I think is my limit in order to grow. This has given me the ability to work hard and be successful.  And it has taught me how good it feels to conquer a challenge… even if I struggle.


Increased Productivity

On the days that I workout, I am more productive and can think more clearly. On days when I don't workout, I am very antsy and can't focus… Or I'm really groggy and feeling sluggish.  Because I workout or am active every day I get all of that extra energy out and can focus on important tasks. It also gets my blood flowing and energy flowing!


Mood Stabilization

The last way that fitness how made me a better person is that I am in a MUCH better mood and far better equipped to handle stress. Exercise is my anti-depressant and mood stabilizer. It helps me deal with stress, anger, and negativity in a healthy way. It also helps me to maintain a zen-like peace and detachment to what's happening around me so I'm not immediately sucked into other people's drama. LOL, not to take myself too seriously, but yes, it makes me much less likely to bite off people's heads off!


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