5 Tips to Make Doing a Detox or Cleanse A Breeze

Cleansing requires a lot of motivation in order to achieve your goal as it might force you to alter your plans according to the times of cleansing or detoxification. In order to make sure that your desire to achieve your goal and your motivation to cleanse, here are a few tips to help you overcome the challenges that you might face:


Do Your Grocery Shopping Before the Cleanse

Many people tend to buy more than they need when they shop on an empty stomach. When you are planning to do a cleanse or detox you should buy all of your groceries and other household items before you start so you don’t have use all of your willpower at the grocery store.


Adjust Your Schedule to Make the Cleanse Easier (if possible)

Look at your schedule and highlight all the major events that are coming up. Especially those that are food centered or may have limited bathroom access. This will ensure that your process of cleansing and detoxification does not overlap or clash with the dates when you have a family gathering or event to attend. You don’t want to be caught in line at the porta pot at the State Fair when your body decides it’s time to release the toxins or turning away food (that looks and smells and probably is super yummy but not on your detox plan) at your company dinner party.


Make A Plan and Stick To It

In order to accomplish any goal, it is very important to have a clear set of guidelines that you should follow. It is better to plan out your guidelines and follow them rigorously. Always keep them in front of you so that you are reminded of them again and again. It will help you remain focused and determined to cleanse your body with ease. This will also help take willpower out of the equation. If you have specific rules to follow you don't have to decide whether or not to do or eat something. You simply say is this in my plan, if not then you don't do it! 


Have a Friend Join You

Many people follow their plans if they have a company that also wants to follow the same steps. Find a friend to do the detox or cleanse with. You can make it a joint effort or a challenge. It will not only give you company but see them doing the same activity would make sure feel motivated. Motivated partners or motivated groups or social circles ensure that you stay motivated as well.


Choose the Healthy Foods You Love

Taking the steps and intent into consideration, try to incorporate the fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods (depending on the type of cleanse) that you enjoy eating. This will help you focus on all of the great things that you get to eat, rather than the foods that you aren’t allowed to eat.  It is a psychological fact that if your taste buds taste the item that you love, it sends a very positive signal and message to your brain.


Once you are on the road to success, make sure that you jot down all your memories and parts linked to the cleansing journey. It will help you relive all the moments again in future and will help you document your progress. You can keep notes of how you’re feeling, take before, after and progress photos so that you can see the changes in your body, or take measurements to document your success. In future, if you plan to start the cleansing journey again it will help you to stay motivated and complete your struggle. The memories can also be shared with friends and family members, as you would be an inspiration for them to start and achieve something out of the cleansing of their body. People tend to believe individuals they know and love who talk about results.