Kesha Jaramillo's Editing Service

I am a USASMA spouse currently working on my graduate degree and I am offering my proofreading and editing service exclusively to USASMA students and their families. I have a 3.9 GPA and have earned a 95% or above on all graduate level papers.  I am familiar with military jargon and phrases as well as how to use them in academic works.  I have edited and proofread my husband's papers and have personally written papers in the following subjects:

  • ethics
  • music 
  • marketing
  • computer science/information technology
  • leadership/organizational behavior
  • quantitative analysis 
  • operations management 
  • culture/ cultural studies (Spanish & Portuguese) 
  • business
  • history
  • military history
  • military science
  • literature
  • economics
  • law