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Top Tips to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Maintaining moisture is one of the biggest complaints I've heard when I ask about skin concerns. Well here are my best tips for keeping your skin moisturized, especially during the summer when it seems the heat can zap every bit of moisture from your body!

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The Best of July Sales!!!

I know I love a great sale when I see one so I'm sharing ALL of the sales that I know about. Some even have extra coupon codes... you're welcome ;) 

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Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan Jasmine & Lavender Whipped Body Butter| Raw Natural Ingredients

So what's in my Body Butter?

Well... it is made from cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, shea oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and scented with lavender and jasmine essential oils. All of these ingredients are used in a raw unrefined state. The process that I use to make the butter is gentle so that the nutrients of the ingredients are preserved.

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How to Keep Produce Fresh Longer

It has happened to the best of us-- you purchase fresh produce with the best of intentions only to find that when you are ready to eat it… it’s rotten!

To avoid wasting produce, it’s important to know where and how to store fruits and vegetables to maximize the time you have between purchase and consumption.


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3 Non-Physical Ways Fitness Has Made Me a Better Person

Fitness has made me a better person& hopefully you can learn from me and make fitness apart of your life! Not just for the physical benefits but for the benefits I'm going to discuss that help you in everyday life!  1. Perseverance 2. Productivity 3. Happiness. 

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